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Here’s to strong women. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them.

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This other friend had showed so much beauty of conduct already that he would surely after all just re-appear long enough to relieve her, to give her something she could take away. She saw it, caught it, at times, his parting present; and there were moments when she felt herself sitting like a beggar with a hand held out to almsgiver who only fumbled. She hadn’t taken the sovereigns, but she would take the penny. She heard, in imagination, on the counter, the ring of the copper. ‘Don’t put yourself out any longer,’ he would say, ‘for so bad a case. You’ve done all there is to be done. I thank and acquit and release you. Our lives take us. I don’t know much — though I’ve really been interested — about yours, but I suppose you’ve got one. Mine at any rate will take me — and — where it will.’

Henry James - In the Cage

Yeeeesh, I love my major.


Imagine being the kid that got benched so your coach could put Airbud the fucking dog in the game